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Sakubona, Makadii, Hoi, Hello those are four different salutations in Ndebele, Shona, Dutch and English respectively in no order of importance. I am a born free from The Republic of Zimbabwe, I am a native Ndebele speaker, was exposed to English language at about five years old thanks to my father (Themba Gumede). At a very early age was exposed to languages like IsiXhosa, IsiZulu, IsiKalanga but they never really took root in my linguistic collections. I have always found IsiXhosa and IsiZulu easy because of many similarities with Ndebele.

My late mother (Olter Mpunzi) through her enterprising managed to acquire land in Gokwe rural in Chief Sayi area. I will find myself going to Gokwe almost every school holiday. Therefore I was exposed to Shona for at least 2 months each year during my primary education. I managed to grasp shona basics at that time and doing A level…

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Being Her –

She chose to live …part 1

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Based on a true life experience
As she was growing up, Sara had one desire. She would not get involved in any relationship until she was ready for marriage. True to her resolution she put her effort in her school work. As a result she was the envy and admiration of every mother in the vicinity.
Sara was different from other teenage girls who were always with guys. They did not care, some would be seen with guys old enough to be their father. But not with Sara , she was going to wait for Mr Right. Because of this, some of her peers called her naive, stupid and weird. Some even went a step further to brand her “sister holy”.
At the age of 25 she met John who was a fitter and turner at National Railways of Zimbabwe. When he proposed, she felt it was time and she agreed. 10 months down the line they got married. Sara was happy that she had preserved herself. The couple was blessed with three kids, two lovely girls and one boy.
After 10 years of marriage Sara collided with the shock of her life. She stumbled upon some tablets. Her husband was taking some Antiritroviral Tablets. When she quizzed him, he did not deny it. He had been on ARVs for the past 7years and he had not told her. Sara was devastated at this betrayal………….
to be continued

Dear society

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A chronicle on behalf of my friend….

I have an amazing girlfriend sweet spirit and calm. She minds her business, when she loves she does so wholeheartedly. When she helps you with something she will go out of her way to do exactly that. She’s one person I can rely on.  She’s an amazing girl, a goal getter and a dreamer. She is an inspiration to many.

In all this people do turn their focus on one point that she’s  is not  married.  I do not understand why. It seems as if marriage is the only thing that defines a woman.  It’s like society defines happiness as being married.  If you aren’t married at a certain age people make it their business to want to know why you aren’t married.

Last night as we  were having dinner with some friends. One of them asked how was my friend when I responded that she was fine.  I automatically knew his next question as I get asked the same question a lot.  Does your friend have a boyfriend now? This is the question that always freaks me out. So it seems if you do not  have a ring on your finger at a certain age  you are stereotypically labelled. Who defines happiness as being married . By the way who says if you not married at certain age you aren’t happy . How do we measure happiness. Who says my friend wants to get married anyway . Maybe she’s not interested.  Why do we always want to get involved in people’s lives uninvited.  There’s a stereotype that goes with being unmarried at a certain age.

By the way, should a woman just get married to any useless guy or the man that she  doesn’t  love in fear of being labelled a social outcast?

Amazingly this only applies to girls not their male counterparts. Society doesn’t really check or put pressure on guys when they should marry. Is it because of partriachal society we live in? Even in the business world if a woman is doing well people don’t concentrate on that alone rather after all has been said and done you hear people saying ‘she needs a man ‘ . I believe that’s why we end up with high rates of divorce. It’s  because people just get married for the sake of marriage, in fear of being  labelled by society.

To you  my friend, I know you do not worry about what society says. Do not allow people to define you. That’s their problem not yours. You are the best in what ever you do. You are a pillar of strength to many  like  you always say  ‘ I’m whole’ , of cause you  are. Have fun and enjoy life to the fullest. When Mr right comes you will know  him by his actions. Patience is virtue. If God called you  to life of singleness so be it. You are an amazing friend! As the old saying says,  a friend in need is a friend in deed. Lots of love my xoxo.


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Life is a journey with different memories. Some  memories you want to relive again  and again whilst some you don’t want even to think of. Those are the memories that you would wish your brain would just delete and not to be relived or to be thought of.
Memories can make you smile or just  make you cry. Memories that can make you feel a sharp pain in your heart and make you ask God why Lord why did it have to happen like that.  Memories filled with mourning  and groaning . These are memories that you do not want to share . Only you  can think of them  and only you can  feel sad.

Those are the  memories  that you want to let go but you just can’t.  It’s  your pain and its coming from within.  They are memories that make you grieve in your room.  Sometimes these memories make you want to spend your ‘me time ‘ in a cocoon. These are memories  that only you can understand  not even  your loved ones can even fathom  what you feel.

These are memories that shape us to be who we are in life.  These are memories that  shape our character in the long run. These are memories that can even make you a bitter person or a loving person, depending on which side of the road they throw you. These are memories if not handled well could be suicidal. These are memories that no one wants to share  with the public. Memories which can be referred to as the unchronicled stories of your life that you are watchful of. These are memories that make us or break us

All my life!!!

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All my life I have learnt to do things for people without considering how i felt, always putting others as my first priority. I always wanted people to call me a good girl. Of course, it was necessary for me to do that because I had no money, I had nothing to do what I needed to do for me to survive. I had to be accepted and approved by people in order for me to survive. Where ever I was, whoever I stayed with. I would wake up as early as 5am and clean the house, cook and do everything and I became everyone’s favorite because I was regarded as an obedient child. I needed to be accepted regardless of how I felt. My decision or my thoughts were not considered, it was all about my labour.
My response in everything that I went through was it is well and ok. However, experience and life have taught me nothing is ok because people will use you all the time and they do not care about you at all. Today, I have made up my mind that I’m going to live my life the best way I think I should and I’m not going to sit down and wait for people to make a decision for me or about my life without my consent. I’m going to stand up for what I believe in and that will be the best guideline for my life. I’m not going to hold grudges or pretend to be happy with things happening around me. I will stand up and voice my sentiments without fear! This is the new Nonhlanhla, love me or not, I will still live and aim higher, come rain come thunder. Every thought comes with thorough considerations. I have met people who when looking or seeing what I have decided to with my life turn and say you have changed this is not the real you. I have this to say to them, I am changed and never will you abuse me, take advantage of my gentleness, or even make me feel bad for decisions about my life that you not agree to. I was young and innocent and I the vulnerable young girl who always thought good of other people at the ‘expense of my joy and independence’. However, the world out there is very manipulative, people out there do not care about you but they do about themselves.
Ladies and gentlemen, please meet the new me its either you accept me for who i am or love me for who I am because I am not changing anytime soon. This is the new me, going out there in the jungle where you are either the prey or hunter. I have made up my mind I am not going to be on the receiving end. I am going to stand up for myself, being a Christian does not mean to be foolish and stupid rather I am more than a conqueror for who is inside of me is greater than the one in the world.

u reminded me of my primary school days with past experiences that i have tried to run away from. Thank you for healing me


Not everything about #YesAllWomen makes me proud. I am particularly bitter, and disappointed, that it did not live up to its name and its promise. As a marginalized woman, even I could not provide a safe space for more than a few hours for others like me.

But for those few hours, I loved what it was and could be.

Diversity Advocate Kaye M., who started the #NotAllWomen hashtag, reflects in The Toast.

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I long to belong!!

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Chronicles of a street kid-a story on their behalf…………

I am told I was picked from the streets when I was 3 months old, though I grew up in homes, 21 years later they still call me a street kid. I feel the world has not accepted me for who I am but rather from where I come from. It doesn’t matter how much I try to do my best in life but I am continuously reminded of my background. I feel like I don’t have an identity. So it seems in this world you are defined by where you come from and not what you have or what you have achieved and where you aspire to be. I am quickly reminded of my painful past when they call me madojwa/manhongwa. I long to belong, I long to beloved, I long to be accepted. Well, here is my story, I didn’t choose to be left in the streets by my mother, who knows maybe my father did not want the pregnancy, I do not know what was happening in her mind for her to make that decision all I know it was a choice she made. My choice today is longing to belong, longing to beloved and accepted.

Nevertheless, may the world stop this stereotype of calling me a street kid! May you kindly accept me for the woman I have become rather than where I come from! Many a times I am blamed for the wrongs I have done and people quickly label that I have done that mistake because I am a street kid. No one has tried to check why I do what I do. No one cares about my grief, what you see is just an iceberg of a war that is being fought within me. They call me a social outcast, it is as if I chose to be dumped by my mum. I long to belong, I long to beloved, I long to be accepted. Every night I go to sleep I am wondering what would have gone into my mother’s mind for her to leave me like that. It is this rejection I cannot deal with. In as much as I grieve no one has really been keen to know what is wrong with me. Please do not take me wrongly I am not expecting anything from anyone rather I long for an identity, I long to belong, I did not choose to be HIV positive neither to grow up in homes. I long to belong, I long to be beloved, I long to be accepted. When I was growing up, I remember there was a lot of abuse that was taking place in homes and no one heard my cry rather I was made to believe life is like that. I was told as a street kid I had no choice, I have no say, even if I did not agree with what was happening around me, I cannot speak my mind because the world is doing me a favour. I am always reminded to behave and conform to the societal beliefs because I am a street kid. Well, I still long to belong, beloved and accepted. Here is my new definition of myself I am a young woman whose full of potential, I am a designer at heart even though no one has really bothered to ask what I want to do with my life. I have made up my mind I am going to run my race the way I feel I need to. My background does not define who I am, I know I will make it I cannot give up now rather it is my time to shine. I believe I am a world changer and henceforth I am unlocking my potential as I long to belong, to be loved and accepted.